Tolson Enterprises

380 Dussel Drive, Maumee, Ohio


Tolson Enterprises was interested in selling an investment property that was approaching the end of the primary tenant’s term. The focus was to be on potential users or Investors. The challenge was to find an investor that would gamble on the short term of the primary tenant with the potential of empty space or finding a user/investor that could wait out the term of the current tenant and then utilize the space.


We reached out to the Arrowhead Market and focused on tenants that could potentially want to own. A marketing campaign was created that honed in on tenants that were in the same size range of the future vacancy.


We identified a user/investor that needed to expand their current operation and could either utilize the future vacancy or market the space after the current tenants lease expired. Either way, the investor/user had an appetite for buying additional investment properties regardless of the tenant’s desire to stay or vacate. The purchase price reflected a shorter term on the lease on the tenant that was vacating.

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