Key Bank

245 N. Superior Street, Toledo, OH 43604


To not only sell a no longer needed asset at the highest price, but also find a buyer that the seller would find “acceptable”.  Key Bank had occupied the building for over 100 years before relocating down the street. Key was very conscious of the potential negative public perception of leaving behind an empty building but also knew that the media and community would be judgmental about the party to which the building was sold.


We took the property to strong local restaurant & office operators and the neighbors, including Walleye/Toledo Mud Hens. We found multiple, qualified buyers and received two bona fide buyers that gave offers at similar prices. Key chose to negotiate with the Mud Hens over a local catering hall.


After a quick due diligence, Key successfully closed with a coordinated media splash.

Client Testimonial

“Pete, thanks for finding us the most suitable buyer !”

Jim Hoffman, President, NW OH Key Bank NA

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