Kaufman Engineered Systems

1220 Waterville Monclova Road, Waterville, Ohio 43566


Kaufman Engineered Systems is a robotics company with headquarters in Waterville, Ohio.  In addition to nice office space housing administration and engineering personnel, most of the building is shop space for robotic cell and assembly line builds.  Kaufman was experiencing tremendous growth and decided it was prudent to put a long range plan together, which included use of their real estate.  With the help of architects and planners, it was determined a building addition would be needed within the next five years.  A site plan was developed and showed that their lot could not accommodate the building addition they needed.  Unfortunately, they were landlocked.  KES loved their building and Waterville location but it became clear to them they would need to relocate and Reichle Klein was engaged to assist them search for a new, larger facility.


After meeting with Kaufman and reviewing their site plan, it was obvious they needed land around them if they had any chance of staying in their current location. RKG’s Gary Micsko remembered the owner of the neighboring property advising that his building was two to three times larger than he needed for his business.  However, the property was paid for and it wasn’t costing him excessively to stay in this building.  Gary approached this neighbor about the possibility of selling his property to Kaufman and relocating to a building more suited for his business.  This idea was presented to Kaufman. They were immediately excited about the possibility of buying this property because the additional acre and a half would accommodate their future addition, and the existing building on the property would allow them to house a parts department and an engineering group.  After an offer and some negotiating, a deal was struck.


Kaufman is thrilled to now have a parcel large enough to accommodate their future growth plans.  As a bonus, they have a building that accommodates their immediate growth, delaying the need to put on the addition.  Gary Micsko’s problem solving abilities and knowledge of the industrial real estate market and property owners is how these two parties came together.

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