Green Meadows

214 Napoleon Road, Bowling Green, Ohio


We listed a 190 unit apartment complex in Bowling Green, Ohio that was not student housing and in need of some capital improvements. Due to limited product availability, overall changing market conditions and the belief that this would draw out of the area buyers, we priced this aggressively to test the waters.


We put together an extensive marketing packet and exposed it to our database while suggesting to the owner to repair/replace the second floor walkways and stairs and he agreed to spend close to $200,000 and we were able to note this throughout our marketing.


We received a lot of interest from local buyers as well as those from around the country with many showings and a handful of offers, finally settling on a partnership of a gentleman out of Florida and another from New Jersey.

Client Testimonial

"I have enjoyed working with you. Hope to see you one day. Thanks for everything."
- Said A. Shehata, Seller

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