Campus View Apartments

1700 Secor Road, Toledo, OH

Campus View is a 78-unit student housing community located immediately adjacent to the University of Toledo campus.  The property was built in 1973 and, from that point until we assumed the management responsibilities at the property it was managed by the developer/owner.  The owners were a husband and wife who also owned and operated three other properties located in Bowling Green, Ohio.  The couple was divorcing and the wife was taking sole ownership of Campus View.  She chose to engage a third party manager to operate the property.

The property had a long history of high occupancy.  It had been consistently well maintained and had an ideal location.  In recent years several new, purpose built student housing communities had been built in the area around the UT campus.  The property, though a bit dated and lacking the amenities of many of the newer properties and with smaller units than virtually all of the newer properties, retained a competitive niche with a particular appeal to graduate students, foreign students and faculty who preferred the quieter environment that the property offers.

Operationally the property was a bit of a challenge due to its smaller scale.  The owners had in the past shared staff and resources between their four properties. Part of our success with the property is based on our ability to share our leasing, management and maintenance staff to scale properly for the property’s needs.  We were also able to bring some more contemporary best practices to the operation to modernize and streamline.  We were also able to improve connectivity and engagement with residents and make leasing and management more accessible to students by leveraging the web, social media and other digital tools.

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