Amps Industrial Controls

6641 Angola Road, Holland, Ohio 43528


Amps Industrial Controls is an engineering firm specializing in the design of motor and machine controls for companies in the medical, glass, material handling, and other industrial and commercial industries. They have been leasing space for many years, however the spaces have never been ideal for their business as they lacked the look and efficient layout that Amps needed.  Harold French, owner and founder of Amps, desired to find this ideal location and preferred to purchase a property instead of continue leasing. 


After talking with Mr. French and understanding exactly what he was looking for in a property, a thorough search of the market was undertaken.  A few properties immediately surfaced as good candidates.  After a tour of the most desirable candidate, an offer was submitted.  After some negotiation, it was determined that the gap in price could not be closed.  We toured another candidate property.  An offer was submitted, negotiations commenced, and unfortunately like the first property, a price could not be agreed upon.  A third property was identified and Mr. French liked it enough to make a run at this property.  Again, like the first and second properties, the gap in price in what the seller wanted and Mr. French was willing to pay could not be closed.  At this point we did some analysis of the market and what properties were selling for.   Were our expectations out of sync with the market?  Were these properties worth more than we were willing to pay?  We concluded that the seller’s expectations on all three of the properties were out of sync with the market and we were going to wait for the right opportunity.  After several months went by, a new property hit the market that met Mr. French’s requirements.  After a tour, Mr. French decided this new property was as close to ideal as anything he has seen.  An offer was submitted, and fortunately this seller was more realistic with their price.  After some negotiations, a price was agreed upon and a deal was struck.


Mr. French’s patience paid off.  Amps Industrial Controls now has a new home that near perfectly meets their needs.  It has great curb appeal in a great location.  Most of the building is wide open, allowing Amps to layout the space perfectly to fit their needs and run an efficient engineering firm.  Additionally, Mr. French now owns the property, allowing him to build equity and have the flexibility to modify the building as he desires.

Client Testimonial

“Gary, thank you for working on this project and seeing it through to the end.” - Harold French, Owner, Amps Industrial Controls

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