Advanced Industrial Services Ltd.

123 Oakdale, Toledo, Ohio 4360


An industrial contractor, frustrated that they could not find a suitable location to move their business, engaged Lynette Reichle from Reichle Klein to assist in locating a new facility. They were expanding services and anticipated continued growth for years to come.  Their new facility needed to be affordable but also needed the flexibility to accommodate future expansion. In a very tight market with record low availability, finding the right facility was difficult. Every scenario was explored.


It was determined, after a handful of unsuccessful pursuits, that it was time to get creative.  The parameters were expanded which opened up possibilities in some larger facilities.  To compensate for the expense of the additional square footage, subtenants were pursued to occupy the extra space.


A stand-alone building was identified that fulfilled the requirement however it was twice as large as the initial plan called for.  A subtenant was quickly identified and a master lease and a sublease were negotiated simultaneously.    Ultimately, the client secured a building that worked well for their business.  They were grateful and relieved to find a facility that was both affordable in the near term and accommodated the future growth of the company.

Client Testimonial

“We could not have done it without the help of Lynette Reichle”. - Bradley Viers, Branch Manager, Advanced Industrial Services

“We greatly appreciate the devotion given by Lynette.  We are not always the easiest to please but she stood by us for 18+ months to make sure we got our shop we needed or a location that worked for us.  Thank you.” - John Miller, Manager, Advanced Industrial Services

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