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Toledo, Ohio


Duke Wheeler of the Reichle Klein Group was engaged to assist a charter school management company identify a suitable relocation site for an operating school. Time was of the essence as the management contract wasn’t finalized until June and the school required an enrollment period and planned to open for class at the end of August.


Several properties were identified, tours were scheduled and options were analyzed. Several of the properties required too much renovation, some were only available for lease and others wouldn’t be available per our time period. Fortunately, one of the properties was formerly a school and would require minimal renovation. In addition, while the property was only available for lease, the property owner agreed to sell so long as several deed restrictions were agreed to by the purchaser.


The purchaser successfully closed on the property with time to complete their renovations, advertise their enrollment ability, schedule an open house and prepare for the school year on time! The teachers, students and families appreciated the relocation facility and overall enrollment increased with the opportunity for additional age groups in the future.

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